4 Generations of Women!

As you may have noticed in the last post, Atyudarini's ceremonial first tonsure and ear boring happened in India and we also visited her great grand mother when we were there! 

When I was a teenager, I had seen some pictures in the women's magazine (yup, that was the pre-social media times!) called Mangayar Malar with 5 generations of women. If 4 generations of women gave birth to their first girl child at 20 years of age, the 1st generation would be 80 yrs old (and alive!) when the 5th generation is born. However having the first kid at 20 doesn't happen anymore, so even 4 generations is uncommon! Anyways, ever since I saw those pictures I wanted to click a pic like that for myself, however my great grandmother wasn't alive when I was born. But now, Atyudarini is lucky in that aspect. So here's us!!!!

All photographs are by my good friend, the super talented Dibin Jos. He is awesome both with fashion photography and wedding photography! He's been the official photographer  of Kochi Fashion Week. He's based in Kerala and ofcourse travels all over India with his camera!!!



  1. Great idea for a family portrait. I am glad that you got this rare opportunity

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  3. Lovely�� my son is also one among the luckiest for the family portrait too!! I know the feeling!!


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