Atyu's Closet - Ceremonial Tonsure & Ear Piercing!

You might have noticed in the last few posts, that Atyudarini is almost bald and she has earrings too!!! 
Well, according to Indian traditions and customs of our religion, the first offering soon after your birth is your hair. Well, that is all that you 'own' when you're that young, right? Other material wealth technically belong to parents and not yours! Your hair is - yours! So everyone's first ever offering to God is their hair! So, the ceremonial tonsuring of hair happens somewhere between 5 months to 1 year of age. 

On Atyu - Dress: Kaass Collection
Anklets: Received as gift
On me - Skirt: Same as worn here
Blouse: Same as worn on my wedding day
Dupatta (scarf): Handmade by artisans of Gujarat
Traditionally, all Hindu children, both boys & girls have their ears pierced around the same time! More often than not, the earrings of boys are discontinued while girls continue to wear. However, of late, many parents of boys prefer not to go through this! Yes, its a bit painful for a moment, as you can see in the pic above!

So yeah, Atyudarini too went through this rites of passage! And here's what we wore for the ceremony or rather the temple visit after the tonsuring and ear boring. 
First & last pictures are by the very talented Dibin Jos. You'll see more of his super photography in the upcoming post. Stay tuned!



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