Soch Menstrual Cups - A Review

What was your worst period story? Mine's here - I had to meet someone important at a posh restaurant. Bike was my mode of transport and it began to rain! My riding gear was only a biker jacket and not a waterproof trouser to go with it! So..... yeah........... it was a disaster! I somehow managed! That was when I started to wonder about other options than pads. I did try tampon and the mere fear of TSS overwhelmed me! After tons of hesitation, I finally tried cups!
Yes, Soch is the same brand that also sells Cloth Pads & Period Panties that I've already reviewed on my blog. Their cups come in 2 sizes with an instruction on their site to help decide the size. Its colorless and comes with a long stem. Its soft-medium and smooth, made of silicone. It comes with a little drawstring pouch and a cute cardboard box. 
To begin with, I had a gazillion questions & I was super scared at the very thought of insertion! A pep talk with 2 of my friends who already use it, and finally I gave it a go. There are various ways to fold a cup and I chose the Punchdown Fold. Insertion was not as scary as I thought it would be. Taking it out was a bit weird for the first few times, esp. that feel when the suction releases. But after a day, one will get used to it. 

How was the experience? It was awesome! On my 2nd month cycle with the cup, I had one very very hectic day when I had to literally run the streets of Brussels to get things done and with the cup, voila, it is possible to forget you're on your period!!! With its very long stem it can easily fit most women as you can trim the stem to suit your comfort level. The material is super smooth and its presence doesn't feel at all. By 2nd month I didn't even require a backup pad. 
This is going to be my best friend in travels. It hardly takes up any space in suitcase. This would also be my best friend when the weather is wet! Will I replace pads with cups? Perhaps, no! As much as it was super comfortable, I'd definitely prefer Soch period panties which is external, than the cups which is internal (more explanation below)! In the comfort of my home or my city, I'd choose period panties over cups and in longer travels, cups it is!
You can buy your Soch Menstrual Cup here. The best part, my lovely readers get a 5% off with the code FP05! Get yours now and have a Happy Period!!!

Understanding Toxic Shock Syndrome: TSS is caused by Staph bacteria (if you're a Grey's anatomy fan, here's your reference). TSS happens when this Staph bacteria enters the blood stream and produces a toxin. Here are 3 independent facts.
1. The bacteria as it is, 'may' (or may not) exist in many places including nose, nails etc. As long as it doesn't enter the bloodstream its fine! 
2. Blood is an amazing platform for the culture of any bacteria.
3. A cup collects blood internally and keeps it.
So, in the scenario of the pre-existence of the bacteria in the body, it may multiply easily, since the blood collected is an suitable platform for culture, (though the silicone material of the cup itself is not, unlike tampon). In the worst case scenario, if there any cut in the v@gina and your body already has the bacteria, the bacteria could enter the blood stream and might produce the toxin. For TSS to occur, a combination of all these have to happen, which makes it a very rare occurrence - in USA, its 3 in 100000. It is so-very rare, but it can happen. So utmost care is needed when using any internal period product! 



  1. I'm curious about trying these cups. I tried tampons but found them extremely uncomfortable.... and after reading about TTS I was even more afraid to use tampons. Menstrual cups sound safer and more hygienic than tampons.


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