Styling with Atyu - Burst of Baby Pink!

Anyone who's been knowing me or following me, would know what I'm not a big fan of baby pink! I just detest anything that's too frilly or pouffy! Atyudarini hardly has any frocks! Most are just tees and trousers and few simple summer dresses! None of those pouffy frocks!  You can read more about my views of that in my earlier post.

However, some of our friends & visitors did gift her some of those pouffy frocks and one of those was in the typical baby pink! So recently, I decided to match with her in that outfit. Its now winter here and the dress was good with full sleeves and the pouffy frills would have given some cozyness to her! I matched it with hot pink leggings for her. I had a thrifted baby pink shirt dress and matched it with hot pink leggings as well.

On me - Shirt Dress: Thrifted from a flea market in Brussels
Leggings: Thrifted from a flea market in Chennai
On Atyu - Frock: Received as gift
Leggings & Socks:
So do you like this combo? Have you matched or coordinated with your baby? Btw, isn't the location stunning? That's Dinant, a small, gorgeous town in Belgium. More about it coming up soon in My Travelogue. Stay tuned.



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