Charlie Banana Cloth Pads - A Review

Charlie Banana is one of my favourite brands of Cloth Diapers and another of their staple product is the Cloth Pads called Charlie Banana Feminine Pads. Since I loved their cloth diapers, I chose to try out their cloth pads too Did it work or did it not? I've been using these for about 3-4 months now and here's my verdict.

I tried their 4 pads combo. To begin with, its a super cute set. It even comes with a cute little pouch packed in a cardboard box with 4 pads of 4 sizes. The concept is same as the cloth diapers with PUL outer layer, micro fleece against the skin and microfiber in the core. The microfleece feels soft and dry against the skin. The best part is the wings - its almost as long as the pad's length and tapers down and there are 2 buttons along the length which makes it stay put on the underwear; it just doesn't budge.

The 4 sizes include liner, regular, super and super+. The liner is cute and perfect for incontinence, backup for cup, surprise protection etc. The regular feels a bit small for a day pad - it could be a day pad only on light flow days for 4-5 hours. I'd normally prefer my day pad to withstand 4-5 hours on heavy-flow day or 7-8hrs on a light-flow day. The super feels more like a day pad. The super+ does the perfect job of an overnight pad. The shape of the pads is straight and the absorbent core is straight with absolutely no flare. I'd have preferred my overnights with a flared back, but so far this too hasn't leaked. 

Did I even mention already how cute the prints are? Esp., Diva Ballerina! Its incredibly cute! When folded you'll have a hard time convincing people that its a pad and not a cure coin-purse! I'd say buy 1 pack of this to gift any girl as she steps into womanhood. The comfort of the supersoft fleece and cuteness of the prints are enough to reasons to take up cloth pads, even if you leave out the environment friendly factor. 

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