Travel Style - Discovering Greece with Atyu!

Atyudarini is growing! That also means, she's getting heavy, which makes front carry baby wearing, a bit, err...... a lot difficult! While wearing is front is still technically ok, walking even small distances is proving to be difficult with, one - she's tall so my vision is compromised, and two - longer walks with her weight in front is taking a toll on my lower back. 

So I'm trying to back carry her more and more (but since she's still breastfeeding, I have to carry her in front at times, esp., if she dozes off while feeding). I'm yet to master the craft of back wrapping her but here are my other options. I do love my SSC (buckle carrier) but she doesn't coz her vision is compromised. She wants to peek over my shoulder. While I do love my Mehdai which allows high carry, what I love the most is my Onbihimo.

Outfit 1 - Floral Cheongsam Midi Dress: Thrifted from a flea market in Brussels
Outfit 2 - Jeans: Primark
Tee: Thrifted from a flea market in Brussels
Boots: Primark

If you've been following me on Instagram, you may know that we recently visited Greece and I got to rock my brand new Didymos Onbuhimo. Even though the various sites including Athens have a lot of altitude variations, so walking includes a lot of upward & downward slopes - plus, these places aren't stroller friendly. I really thank my stars for taking the Onbuhimo and these weren't too difficult. Plus the best part - Onbuhimos are super compact!
This design is called Didygo Fairy Tale and its a part of a large pattern. Like every other Didymos product, this too is a wrap conversion. Its made of 100% Organic Cotton and is adjustable in every way including body panel width, neck cum hood panel. The colors and patterns remind me more of the word 'Royal' than Fairytale!

It was super comfortable, esp., while walking the rugged paths of Mycenea and Delphi and Atyudarini slept off! Have you tried babywearing? Have you tried Onbuhimo? Btw, that's the 2nd Cheongsam dress. I bought the 1st one, authentic in China itself and this is my 2nd one which is more of a Cheongsam inspired dress.

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