International Breastfeeding Week!

Its International Breastfeeding Week!!!!! I'm a proud breastfeeding momma and I don't bother about nursing in public, which is still, unfortunately, a taboo in many a places! Most traditional cultures are supportive of nursing in public, including India, because, you know, traditionally, the function of the breast is to breastfeed!!!!!! 
Breastfeeding did not come easy to me! My initial days were horrifying without any success of a proper latch! In course of time, with a very helpful nurse, Atyudarini came around and by Day 5, Atyudarini was breastfeeding full time. However, she again went on a nursing strike, which lasted for 2 months (when she was 3-4 months old), which made my life miserable. We 'almost' had a fire-accident, thanks to the non-stop boiling & steaming of the feeding bottles plus lack of sleep. I woke up at 5 AM everyday to pump for the rest of the day but still almost 30-40% of her food was formula. It was exhausting and frustrating to say the least. Finally we got through that too and again she started nursing full time. Mr.V dumped the remaining contents of formula tin in the garbage out of sheer exasperation.
She going to be 2 years old and we still nurse on demand. The journey was filled with rocks and thorns, but the effort to cross the tough path, is so worth it! Not only breastmilk is healthy, for a long time, it made traveling, so easy coz I did not have to carry anything at all!!!! Here are some instances of me breastfeeding Atyudarini OTG.........

Location: Liege, Belgium

Outfit: Red Dress

Location: Delphi, Greece
Outfit: feat. Didymos Onbuhimo

Location: Schengen, Luxembourg

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