Potty Training at 15 months

If you've also been reading my Travel blog, you may remember my fateful day when everything went wrong - when out passports got stolen, and Atyudarini got a skin infection after I changed her diaper in a diaper changing room in a railway station! Well, the one good thing that came out of it was - our potty training began! This happened when Atyudarini was 15 months old.
Till this point of time, she was mostly in diaper, apart from the occasional diaper-free time. She had her night diapers which would be totally filled in the morning when I remove it. Now, thanks to the god-damn infection, I left her completely diaper-free for her skin to breathe and heal. At night, we had a waterproof mat and a towel on it, on the bed and let her sleep without a diaper. Our intention was to keep changing the towel as she wets it. And.......... guess what, she wet it only once over night! It was then that I realized, that her soaked night-diaper was because of just 2 pees - one in the middle of the night and one in the morning 'after' she woke up!!!!!!! That was a big revelation.
Then on, I just stopped putting a diaper on her when we're home! Her diaper time was confined to her day-care and outings. At home she was in her regular underwear and I took her to the toilet every 2 hrs and there she was, using a potty effectively! Ofcourse, this was much before she could actually say many words or comprehend that she wants to use the toilet and inform me on time! This was more of an elimination communication than potty training. This would mean, me being attentive and taking her to the potty every 1.5 to 2 hrs or when her face shows that she wants to poop. So, yes, there were many an accident - esp., if I forgot to keep a tab on the timings!!!

Unlike many instructions that I read, that say, potty training begins with day time and you may still need diapers for the night, here I was, taking off the night diapers first....... She was on & off diapers in the day-time. If I had something else important to do, if I was unwell, she'd be on her diaper; if not, she would off of it! By this time, I had got a hang of her reactions, when peeing or pooing - that is exactly the core of Elimination Communication. Just like how a baby would react when he/she wants to feed, the baby would also 'react' in a way when he/she's not only when pooping, but also peeing. As and when I could, I slowly, in my own pace, stopped her day-time diapers.
At nights, she would let out a cry in the middle of night which wouldn't subside even after offering to feed - yeah, that's the potty reaction! I'd make her sit on the potty placed between my legs on the bed itself, while she's breastfeeding and asleep and she'd go. As soon as she woke up in the morning, its time for the potty again. 
The next challenge was travel - potty training when traveling!!!! I would put on her diaper, but it was confusing her. I tried to take her to the toilets wherever we go (anti-bacterial wipes to the rescue!), but it was struggle to pull down & up her diaper, unlike underwear. So I got some potty training pants and it is good to go. She's now 2 and she's almost potty trained....

Here's the thing - there is no hard and fast rule and every child is different and every family's situation is different! This is just my experience... I know of parents who started Elimination communication at 8-9 months and by 1yr the child was already potty trained and I also know of children who wore diaper till 3-4 yrs of age! Actually it doesn't matter - eventually they WILL definitely get potty trained, unless that are specific physical/mental reasons otherwise!!!!!

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