Messy hair yet baby-wear!

How is lock-down treating you all?!!! Life has become way too busy right now trying to keep-up with my daughter and keep her busy with a wide array of activities. With that I end up getting really tired and I end up giving her a bit more screen-time than warranted, which wasn't the case pre lock-down! We all miss going on our trips! But that said, we are atleast happy that inspite of the lock-down the local government here in Belgium allows us, infact encourages us to go out for physical activities (ofcourse while maintaining social distancing) to keep ourselves fit. So yeah, going out almost everyday to the nearby parks is the new norm, coz a toddler can get crazy within 4 walls for days together. 
Especially, right now, with the spring season, the weather is great and flowers are blooming everywhere. After a hiatus, now is the time for my daughter to bike/run around in the park. She needs it so much more right now! Ofcourse there are times, still that she wants me to carry her! So yeah, the babywearing is still on. 
White lace top with mesh neckline: Thrifted at a flea market in Brussels
Faux leather Skirt in tan: Promod
Gladiator Shoes in tan: New Look
Leopard print babywrap: Handspun handwoven khadi fabric
This is one of our recent days. I dressed up, just because! Its been ages of not getting dressed-up, no make-up, and having no motivation at all. While dressing-up & make-up is one thing, hair is another issue! The barbers & parlours aren't open here and my hair is messy to say the least. I bought and used bobby pins probably after a decade, believe me, a decade!!! It feels funny!!! I need a hair-cut..... 

Finally, I'm able to wear Atyudarini is short wraps. During winters it was too difficult to wrap her when both of us are wearing heavy jackets, so with the improving weather I can't wait to wrap her again. I'm slowly getting a hang of Ruck-Sack. I've always back carried in a Back Wrap Cross Carry coz it was easy! Finally, bit by bit I'm getting a hang of Ruck-Sack now. I bought this fabric in India, its an authentic Khadi fabric which is handspun and handwoven. Obviously I bought it for its stunning leopard print! 
So.... How's the lock-down in your place? Are you a toddler parent in lock-down? How are you managing???!!!! 



  1. Fantastic pictures - you look stunning. The only outing in Chennai as you must have heard from your parents is to go to the terrace for a walk or a mad run to buy vegetables once a week.


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