Personalized Family Jewelry

When Atyudarini was born, the first ever jewelry we put on her was the personalized name necklace that carried her name along with ours (her mom & dad); infact that's how we announced her name to the world, including family & friends. Even for the wedding anniversaries before she was born, we had personalized name jewelry in which we wore each other's names or both of our names

Following the tradition, this year too, we chose name jewelry and this time, with all 3 names!!! This time, I chose a necklace and a ring. One is the very elegant 3D Engraved bar necklace. 3 of its 4 sides have, all 3 of our names on it. 

The 2nd is quite opposite - the very quirky Birthstone Ring. Its a very wide ring, quite like 3 normal sized wedding bands fused together! Ofcourse, that too has all 3 of our names as well as our birthstones as well.
My love for personalized jewelry is never going to cease anytime soon. I'm quite addicted to this! What about you? Have you ever worn name engraved jewelry?

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  1. Other than conference badges, I don't think I have ever worn/had anything personalised with my name or initials. I remember my grandmom being obsessed with monogramming and my mom totally against it. I am not quite sure how I feel how it.


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