Blümchen Training Pants - A Review

I thought I could take Atyudarini from cloth diapers, directly to underwear. However, the problem was when we travel - I couldn't deal with the quick removal and putting back on, a diaper in trains & flights etc. So, I chose to give the training pants a try!
Blümchen is one of my tried and tested brands. I've used their day diapers, night diapers, as well as cloth menstrual pads and have always been totally satisfied with their quality. Now, I tried out their training pants and as usual, super happy!

This has a layer of bamboo terry and a hidden layer of microfiber. So this is pretty thin and is in between - unlike a swim diaper which has no absorption at all and unlike a proper diaper, which has a lot of absorption. We did use it once in the swimming pool once because, I hadn't packed one for a trip and we ended up spending some time in a pool. The absorption did make it a bit heavy!

As far as its intended use - as training pants, it does wonders. Its perfect. I do not put it on, on Atyudarini when at home or day-care, coz she knows she has to use the potty and even if there are accidents, its ok!!! I put it on her, especially when we are on the move - when I have doubts whether or not there would be clean toilets, if at all there would be any (like in the middle of Sonian Forest!)! I put it on with an extra layer of bamboo, so its as good as a diaper in absorption if an accident happens on the move, but still has the elasticity that's as good as a regular underwear, so if we do find decent toilets, it easy to pull it down and put it on again!!! Ofcourse the outer layer is PUL which keeps the clothes dry.

It has 2 rise levels in the front, to serve the perfect fit. It also has snaps on the sides to help clean removal, if there's poop accident!!! In the pic above are the 3 rise settings in action...
When did you start potty training? Did you try elimination communication? Did you use training pants at all or did you go from diaper to fully trained directly? Let me know in the comments below...

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