Charlie Banana Training Pants - A Review

The problem with diapers & potty training is the elasticity of the waist band! Well, as we begun potty training, the biggest challenge was travel - will public toilets be safe, what if there is no toilet where I go, what if 'accidents' happen???? So I tried taking her to the toilets wherever we go, even though I put her on diapers, to 'prevent' accidents when we're on the go. But the challenge with diapers was that it wasn't easy to pull it down or up - so in came the training pants.
Charlie Banana is one of my tried and tested brands. I've used their cloth diapers, as well as cloth menstrual pads and have always been totally satisfied with their quality. Now, I tried out their training pants...

This special product is called '2 in 1 Swim Diaper and Training Pants'. Unlike a diaper as well as to suit being a swim diaper as well, it has very very minimal absorption. It has an excellent waist elastic so its easy to pull down and up again even in the cramped space of the toilets in trains or flights. Ofcourse the outer layer is PUL coated. Usually when we go out, I add another layer on insert within it, so even if there is an accident or even if we're not near a toilet when she wants to go, it still saves the day; but when there is one, its easy as well. It comes both with or without sidesnaps. Side snaps would make it easier to remove if there's a poop accident, but the ones without side snaps gives a more authentic feel of a real underwear, to the kid.
One of their recent collections is a collaboration with Sophie la Giraffe. Atyudarini had one when she was younger, it was her first ever teething toy and I've kept it away now to preserve it forever. I doubt if she remembers her Sophie, but she does love these training pants!!!
Charlie Banana also has another product called Reusable Super Pro Underwear which is meant for older kids who are yet to be toilet trained. This is perfect for children with autism and other issues and cannot be toilet trained. The largest size of the Super Pro underwear of waist size 31 in/78 cm that's suitable upto 25kg of weight. Its absorption is not as thin as the training pants, but not as heavy as a diaper. If its to be used for special need children, you may have to add an extra insert inside. This also comes with 2 options - with and without side snaps. 
When did you start potty training? Did you try elimination communication? Did you use training pants at all or did you go from diaper to fully trained directly? Let me know in the comments below...

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