Formal Look - LWD, Red Jacket & Tiara

As I said 2 posts earlier, the weather here is cool. It hasn't turned cold yet, but its cool. Jackets or jerkins or warmers are inevitable. If I decide to wear dresses or skirts, leggings or thick tights are needed to protect my legs. 
I went on a stocking shopping as soon as reached here. Did I get my perfect leggings? Will tell you soon about what happened with it!

Dress: Bhushavali
N*de tights: Naidu Hall
Jacket: Rose Wholesale (same as worn here)
Shoes: Limeroad (same as worn here)
Earrings: Bhushavali
Tiara: c/o Irresistible Me
Oh yeah, I'm wearing a Tiara! No, I did wear it for the meeting that I had to attend. Wore it just for the photoshoot. I mean, isn't it every gal's wish to be treated like a princess???!!! And when I saw this on the site of Irresistible Me, I got so curious and I got it. Its called Diana! I am a big fan of Princess Di and yeah, I do try to get my hair cut to Di's style and inevitably every barber / stylish goes wrong and now I've settled good old basic pixie.
What else did I get from Irresistible Me? Coming soon in next post.

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  1. Love your new blog template, very clean and chic

  2. interesting look:)

  3. The tiara looks cute...same like princess Diana

  4. like a princess , huuh
    keep in touch

  5. It is very nice I like style princess, Nice

  6. That jacket is gorgeous! Fab colour on you - and absolutely, who can resist dressing like a princess every now and then?!

  7. What a lovely coat! That tiara is stunning! Totally adore it!

  8. I love that, it looks so pretty, Diana was an amazing style icon.

  9. amazing and loveable design . i think every one like it


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